Mixers are a real kitchen assistant when it comes to mixing and mixing recipes quickly. With the technology we now have in blenders, we don’t have to waste precious time and energy mixing ingredients with our bare hands. Currently, there are many companies in the market that produce mixers for the home and catering industry. Vitamix is ​​one of those companies, recognized as the best manufacturers of blenders. The company’s products are well known in the community and can do things that a normal blender cannot.

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The Vitamix 5200 is one of the products of the Vitamix C series. Like its successor, the Vitamix 5300, this blender is also an amazing machine. Best used in households and in small restaurants and cafes. The blender is powerful enough to blend all the hard ingredients you put in it. But like any other blender on the market, it has its own pros and cons which we will cover in this article and we hope they can definitely help you make a decision before you buy.

Vitamix 5200 – Pros

The Vitamix 5200 blender has a lot to offer and one article is not enough to cover them all, but in this article we will only talk about the main features and benefits of this beautiful machine. The Vitamix 5200 comes with a pitcher, motor mount, low profile rammer, and starter guide so any beginner can use it easily. The blender jar is made of BPA free material, which ensures that the ingredients are non-toxic. In addition, the size of the container is 64 oz, and the design is sleek, thick and tall. This container is best suited for preparing large to medium sized recipe batches and can be useful and practical for family reunions and small house parties. Plus, it can save you time and you don’t have to keep making small batches of recipes.

In addition, the blender motor produces 2 horsepower, giving the stainless steel blades enough force to pierce and crush all the hard and stubborn ingredients. Its blades are equipped with hammer mill and laser cutting technology to break and crush ice, frozen fruits, frozen vegetables and spices. Moreover, you can chop seeds and spices easily and efficiently with this blender. A unique feature of this mixer is that it can bring cold food to a hot state. The reason it can do this is because its blades can run at high speed, which creates frictional heat and can heat the ingredients placed in it.

The material used to make the blender is of high quality and ensures the durability of the blender. In addition, the safety characteristics of these mixers are also high. It has radial cooling fans to ensure that the motor does not overheat when the mixer is processing objects, and also has a thermal protection system for the user.

Cons – Vitamix 5200

This blender has almost no negative points. The only downside to the blender is that it is quite expensive and not everyone can afford it.