Your vehicle runs efficiently, smoothly, and in silence as a result of the exhaust system that courses gases out of the motor and away from the vehicle.

Whenever the parts that make up this exhaust system break down, you might encounter everything from unreasonable noise and slow motor performance to engine damages.

You can diagnose vehicle issues and troubleshoot them rapidly once you understand; how a vehicle’s exhaust works, where it can break down, and how your car mechanic can fix it.

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Recently, my vehicle got hit by a bump and got my car’s exhaust system damaged, which then started making loud noises and then I saw there were leaks below at exhaust pipes and engine performance was decreased.

The first thing I did was visited the auto repair shop and get it changed right away.

Let’s talk about how you would know if you have a problem with your exhaust system.

1.  Rattling sound

Assuming you hear a shaking noise coming from the exhaust system when the motor is running, this is a decent point that your catalytic converter is damaged.

The catalytic converter is one of the most expensive parts of the exhaust system and is target for thieves. If you hear the shaking sound, it is certainly still attached, but it will require changing as soon as possible.

2.  Fuel mileage

If you observe that you are filling fuel more frequently than expected, and you haven’t changed your driving style, it likely could be that your vehicle having exhaust system issues.

If the exhaust is dripping, your motor would take more power to perform. This will make the fuel average decreased.

 If you notice any of these changes in your vehicle performance then you should take your car to a professional mechanic and get it fixed.

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3.  Visual checks

Few issues are simple to recognize just by taking a look at your exhaust pipe. Severely rusted and split pipes are not difficult to see from the outside.

These issues can be similarly serious as any of the inner issues which can influence your exhaust and should be given attention.

If you checked that your exhaust pipes have become rusted, there are steps that you can take to attempt to clear off most of the rust.

 If you see that you have a big hole in your exhaust or if the pipe is damaged and split, you have to fix the exhaust yourself or get your vehicle into a workshop to be fixed by a mechanic.

4.  Engine noise

Probably the easiest sign to recognize and to let you know that the exhaust needs to be fixed is a noisy rumbling sound coming from the motor.

 If the noise your motor makes changes constantly, you should take your vehicle to an expert as this is an indication of a genuine major issue.