As the construction business is thriving across the globe with new and solid structures, innovative methods have been applied by the builders and contractors using advancements in science and engineering to build better quality structures in a more efficient manner. Here, some light is shed on two methods namely Gunite and Shotcrete which are used in making concrete pools

What is Shotcrete?

No, Shotcrete is not a product which can be purchased, touched or be held in hands, so what is shotcrete? The answers is that, it is a process through which concrete is placed to achieve high strength and low permeability. Onto a receiving surface, concrete is channeled through a hose and ethereally proposed at high speed. Shotcrete is a mixture of aggregate and Portland cement which is conveyed by compressed air to the nozzle of a spray gun where water is added in this mixture in advance resulting as wet concrete.

What is Gunite?

Gunite, much like Shotcrete, is a process in which a mixture of cement, sand, and water is applied through a pressure pipe which produces a dense hard layer of concrete, however, the major difference in this process is the water is added in the mixture at the very last second to create the substance which is then sprayed into the pool. 

1. Faster method to apply
2. Premixing of material ensures the correct ratio of material
3. Less wasted rebound material
1. Cheaper than shotcrete
2. Compressive strength of upto 9,500 psi whereas Gunite is upto 7,500 psi
3. Less prone to shrinking and cracking
1. Premixing often leads to lesser time in application
2. Higher chance or shrinking and cracking
3. More expensive than Gunite
1. Manual mixing creates the opportunity for human error
2. Higher risk of rebound material or over spray
3. Bottom of pool is often scratchy and rough

Shotcrete vs Gunite – Which is better?

Since all we have so far discussed is in relation to concrete, therefore, it is safe to say that there is no concrete answer of the better method between Gunite and Shotcrete. As discussed earlier, the difference is when the concrete mixes with the water. Shotcrete refers to wet concrete that’s already fully mixed before its shot out of a hose. Gunite is dry concrete mix that only mixes with water at the nozzle when it’s sprayed. There is no right answer to this question and one needs to decide which one works for you keeping in mind the budget and aforementioned pros and cons of both methods. Regardless of which method is used, the pool will work excellent if a reputed contractor is hired for construction. Perhaps to shop around local professionals may be a good idea to choose between Shotcrete or Gunite, if you reside in a large city or town then there is every possibility to find highly experienced contractors, however, if you live in a more remote or smaller area, you may have very limited options and might just have to rely on local contractors