Since childhood,I always used to get fascinated with guns and over the period of time it became my passion, therefore, in order to pursue this passion every now and then I go to a shooting range near to my place to have a few shots and get trained for perfect shooting. I bought a Glock 9mm pistol and the last time I went there my shots weren’t up to my standards and when my trainer inquired about this I didn’t had any answer. He then took my gun and fired a few shot as well, afterwards he told me that my Glock was struggling to fire with force and I was missing aim due to Glock being misfired. He then asked me to lube it once every week for 2 months and then once every 2 weeks afterwards, that is the first time I had ever heard about lubing, he taught me how to lube and recommended me few lubes like HOPPE’S M-Pro 7 LPX, Wzson Lucas Extreme Duty, BREAK FREE BF1009963 etc.,so I did research and purchased myself a good working lube and that has made my Glock to function smoothly, however, as I researched I found out a new world with many Glocks lubes so it is usually very difficult to select the best lube for Glock or for that matter any gun which would work best for you, therefore, I came up with top 2 lubes for Glocks to make that decision easier for you.

  1. HOPPE’S M-Pro 7 LPX

As I mentioned before this is one of the lubes which was recommended to me by my trainer and I can’t thank him enough as this is what I use now and I am completely satisfied with it as this certainly saved my expensive Glock to go wasted.The company HOPPE has a reputation of releasing high quality and highly effective lubes ever since their inception so each one of HOPPE’s lube is high quality and HOPPE’s M-pro 7 LPX isn’t exempted from that. It does an excellent job of preventing your gun from any marksman’s nightmare which is the gun getting jammed or rusted. As a lube it is great as it develops a film as an extra layer to your gun which repels dirt and water to enhance durability and also prevents corrosion and rust. Furthermore, it is made of natural harmless ingredients being a HOPPE’s lube enabling it to be safe for you while lubing.

Read the detailed review of HOPPE’s M-Pro 7 from the given link:

  1. Lucas Extreme Duty

This is a great lube for Glock, however, its versitality doesn’t end there as it can lubricate shotguns, ARs, Semi-Auto riflesetc. The oil is very accessible throughout the year regardless of temperature as in the summers it can withstand 400 degrees Fahrenheit and in winter it is able to work in above-38 degrees Fahrenheit making this a very convenient lube. An applicator is also provided by the manufacturer along with this lube which enables you to lubricate with ease without creating a mess.